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    We promise! All We Sell, is All Made in Taiwan.



    In 1893, Mr. Tseng Jin-Rang was the pioneer in tea cultivation for our brand


    Before 1945, tea was not allowed to be privately manufactured and/or owned in Taiwan. It had to be given up to the Japanese government, and it would be jointly manufactured and transported to Japan as tribute


    In 1946, the second generation Mr. Tsend Tzu-Chian started manufacturing and privately selling tea


    In 1983, the third generation Mr. Tseng Yi-Gang took over the tea garden. His early professional research focused in Pouchong tea and Oolong tea; Oriental Beauty Yea is currently his field of expertise, and was awarded 頭等獎 in the Miaoli Oriental Beauty Tea Competition of Taiwan. He continues the family tea tradition taking care of the land




    Our tea manufacturing process goes back to the beginning of the Qing Dynasty, and has been thought a century of manufacturing skills.


    According to the legend, it began four generations ago, with a caring elaboration method, and using natural farming methods that is healthy for the environment.


    We achieve this just in order to give our customers


     “premium”, “safe”, and “non-toxic”








    No artificial flavors added, non-polluted soil and water – NATURAL!


    Continuation of small tea tree plantation – SUSTAINABLE!


    Tea production recognized via competition by the Miaoli District as 100% TAIWAN TEA


    Privately owned tea gardens, non-toxic, safety guaranteed

    Tea garden in Miaoli, TAIWAN

    7 acres of tea plantation, our tea is guaranteed


    Natural farming method

    Without the use of pesticides, the Miscanthus can keep the soil and better product the tea plant


    Natural fertilizer

    The use of organic fertilizers “peanut shells and dung” and the use of hoe digging makes the soil more absorbent


    We care what you cared!

    First tea master- Tseng Yi-Gang

    Invested his entire life to the manufacturing of tea, just to provide “premium” quality tea!


    With a manufacturing process that goes back from a century ago, from the caring of the soil, to the packaging of the tea, all these processes have followed the spirit of the Hakka culture in Taiwan. He believes that each of the processes need an adamant persistence in order to make the best tea, with Oolong tea and Oriental Beauty Yea being the most distinguishing among his work.


    Master Tseng has won many awards from 1993 to 2015, numerous awards being “first prize”, assuring the superb performance of its method.



    Second-generation tea master – Tseng Yu-Fang

    Passion and intention to do the best!



    The second-generation tea master Tseng Yu-Fang grew up among the fragrance of the tea, not only was she concerned of her father’s hard work, but also worried no one would take over the good expertise his father would leave. So starting from high school she started learning the skills of tea making. She is currently master Tseng’s assistant and future successor. Master Yu-Fang focused her professional studies on the manufacturing of “black tea”, and in 2015 she won the excellence award in Roby black tea.

    We attend competition, not looking for awards


    but looking for new challenges for ourselves!

  • tseng's premium competition Oriental Beauty Tea!

    Oriental Beauty Tea was named by the British Queen Vitoria,

    she saw the tea dancing in the crystal cup when brewing the tea,

    similar to the dance of the dreamy Chinese ladies.

    Its elegant aroma and unique flavor makes it tea for the noble blood!

    This is that Oriental Beauty Tea means, it is a precious and rare type of premium tea!


    Whats "oriental Beauty Tea" ?

    "Oriental Beauty Tea" is also known as of Pong-feng tea, 

    it has a smooth taste with a honey fragrance, with a unique aroma of ripe fruit.


    During the growth of the tea, a leafhopper bug needs to make a bite in the leaf, 

    even this insect is a natural enemy, only the leaf with the bites can 

    harvest the outstanding flavor of the Oriental Beauty Tea.

    Because of the many limitations during harvest, 

    its complicated production process, not to mention the need of proper climate for the growth of the Beauty tea, production is often irregularly, which make this tea extremely valuable.

    Oriental Beauty tea is currently the heaviest degree of fermentation of the Oolong tea type.

    It is subject to withering, tossing, setting and need to go through a careful selection process.

    The most important feature is the delicacy in its production,

    it needs to be handpicked using one tip-two leafs segments,

    during the production process the tea does not touch the ground.


    It needs 8000 buds to produce 600 grams (1 Tai Jin) of Oriental Beauty Tea.

    In the production of Oriental Beauty Tea, twice or three times the amount of buds is needed

    compared to the amount needed for the production of other kinds of tea.

    Among the tea, "Chin Shin Dah Pan" is the best in quality.

    Oriental Beauty Tea’s manufacturing process

    What are the different levels in the competition 

    Oriental Beauty tea?



    The Miaoli County and the National tea competitions are evaluated and rated by professional tea divisions, they consider one batch of tea in the evaluations.
    Competition is graded from entry-level One Plum Award (壹梅獎) to the highest level the Grand Prize (特等獎)

    The prices of the competing tea batches increase accordingly.



    Evaluation features:

    Pesticide detection


    Seals made on the spot


    50% of quantity elimination


    Quality guaranteed

  • tseng's featured tea

    We commit ourselves on not letting our custoemrs drink mixed quality Taiwanese tea! 

    Ruby black tea

    Taiwan tea authenticated NO. 18

    "Ruby tea" is as bright as the ruby stone, the Taiwanese tea industry has improved it my breeding the large-leafed Burma tea and Taiwanese wild camellia. Ruby tea has a natural cinnamon scent combined with a faint mint fragrance that people remember because of its uniqueness. The Ruby tea had been acclaimed as Taiwanese taste. The Ruby tea belongs to an extremely unique variety of tea, which is currently Taiwan's most premium black tea..

    Taiwanese high mountain oolong tea

    Taiwanese Oolong Tea Class 1

    Taiwan was early famous for exporting oolong tea, especially for exporting the Taiwan high mountain oolong tea. This Oolong tea comes from mountains with altitude of above 1000 meters high. Its light aroma, and its high-altitude sharp taste, makes a really good cup of tea.

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